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James Dowling

Manager, Information Systems and Database Administrator

James Dowling (JD) is the Manager of Information Systems and Database Administrator. He oversees staff responsible for corporate network, database, and application support. His duties include developing network and database policies, specifying and allocating equipment, planning disaster recovery, and developing custom applications for GIS and database applications. JD attended Kemper Military School and College.

Project Experience:

Database administrator, National Outreach Mapping Center (NOMC) development (2001-present). Database administrator, Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI), North American Religion Atlas (200-2001). Database administrator, SAVI Community Connections Project (SCCP), Phase I and II, US Department of Commerce Technology Opportunities Program (TOP) (1990-present). Visual basic application developer, Indiana counties. Mr. Dowling has developed GIS desktop applications to assist casual, non-GIS users to access standard data sets and queries. He has developed specific parcel query tools and a GIS document management interface tool for several city and county GIS clients.