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We Create Actionable Information

We develop information that empowers and transforms communities through applied research, analysis, modeling, strategic planning, and evaluation.

Through Applied Research

Our team applies best practices and proven methods to understand trends and gaps in issues important to our partners. Our experience with information design and with writing clear, approachable language allows us to share findings in an understandable and engaging way.

Through Analysis & Modeling

We apply spatial analysis and statistical methods to model our communities in creative ways.

Through Strategic Planning & Evaluation

We help organizations plan for their future and evaluate the effectiveness and impact of their programs.

Transforming Data to Action

We help organizations derive meaning out of data and use it to inform their actions. We transform raw, messy data into meaningful metrics to measure progress and success, design data-informed action plans for organizational success, and develop indicator reports to inform community leaders and stakeholders.


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SAVI Equity Data and Information Hub
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SAVI COVID-19 Information and Data Hub
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Social Determinants of Health Research
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Data Indicators and Community Metrics
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Statistics and Data Analytics
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Community Report Cards
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State and County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Planning
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Applied Research
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Predictive Modeling